Yet another Nexus 10 (2013) leak surfaces, hints at November 22 as its launch date


We talked in the past about LG’s Nexus 10 tablet, and we’re still confident that Google made a right choice when they picked LG for the job. Following this week’s reports that the regular Nexus 10 went out of stock, it seems convenient that such a leak would surface, thus furthering people’s admiration with the popular device. Even so, this leak apparently comes as a result of a frustrated Telefonica employee.

Judging by what we can gather from the leak, Nexus 10 (2013) will be using Android 4.4 KitKat as its OS, as well as a Google Experience Launcher feature that doesn’t exist on regular Nexus 10 devices. Even with the 4.4 update widely available for Nexus 10 users, there is no trace of Google Experience on the horizon for any of them, a fact that makes LG’s 2013 version one of the most anticipated devices on the market.

Although no information was revealed about the tablet’s hardware specs, we can presume that there will only be slight upgrades to the already existing Nexus 10. Furthermore, despite whatever features the new Nexus 10 may or may not have, there is still the matter of pricing. As things stand, the new device will apparently cost around $480, which is on par with the regular Nexus 10 at least.

source: talkandroid