Vital privacy feature removed from Android as Google claims accidental release

android app ops interface removedAndroid users everywhere rejoiced recently when they discovered a new app privacy feature called App Ops that was added in Android 4.3. This feature prevented apps from collecting sensitive information from the device, a function that many users were putting much hope into. Not long after the feature gained popularity online, it was removed from Android 4.4.2.

As of now, the App Ops privacy feature that people were excited about is gone. It has been removed by Google who claims that they released the feature by accident. Google’s explanation for why the feature was removed has left many people displeased, and rightfully so. Most people aren’t too happy about apps sharing their personal information, which explains why they were so excited by App Ops in the first place.

The fact that Android users everywhere are unable to turn off app permissions is viewed by many as a breach in security, and a big one as well. In all fairness, Android users should be given a way to disable an app’s collection of trackable identifiers for obvious reasons. They should also be capable of disabling an app’s network access altogether, especially those who are designed for offline use. Still, it is ultimately up to Google if they re-release App Ops or a similar feature any time soon, even though they definitely should.