Ubuntu Touch OS coming up soon

Ubuntu Touch OS

Even though the Ubuntu Edge will not be made after all, the people over at Canonical aren’t done yet. As a matter of fact, they are looking to make the Ubuntu OS happen with or without the tablet. According to reports, they will most likely reveal the OS on October 17, a date in which we will finally be able to see what the Ubuntu Touch is all about.

Ubuntu Touch OS desktop

Despite the fact that Canonical’s allegedly amazing phone will not see the light of day anytime soon, the Ubuntu Touch will definitely turn some heads. Interestingly enough, the OS will most likely not be a dual boot, which is strange to say the least. In their initial announcement, its designers said that Ubuntu Touch will be a dual boot, which isn’t the case anymore.


The Ubuntu Touch will certainly gather some support after its release, especially from Ubuntu Desktop fans everywhere. Among its many capabilities, the OS will have the possibility to run a full screen version when connected to a monitor, which is kind of cool actually. Even so, not many people will drop their precious Android in favor of Ubuntu any time soon, especially considering the fact that you have to flash it in yourself. Anyway, we should probably wait until October 17 before making any rushed judgments.