Ubuntu now allows users to dual boot with Android

ubuntu os dual boot 2 aamImage Credit/ androidandme

The idea of an Unbutu OS excited people ever since it was first announced, and we’ve heard plenty of good things about it throughout 2013. Starting from yesterday however, Canonical released a new feature that allows users to install Ubuntu on their Android device and switch between the platforms at will.

The feature is called ‘developer preview’ and according to the official Ubuntu developer blog, it lets users load the Ubuntu installer app onto the Android-compatible hardware after they’ve unlocked their device. For it to work, users will have to enable USB debugging, and let Google’s green robot handle the actual installation. As soon as it’s done, people can switch between Ubuntu and Android just by clicking the ‘Ubuntu Dual Boot’ app.

Seeing how the new feature allows people to switch between platforms so easily, it can be used to educate people about Ubuntu without going through the hassle of re-installing the OS. It has to be said, however, that only users who are familiar with terms like ‘ADB’, “bootloader’, and ‘flashing’ should install the feature onto their device, as it is clearly not for everyone.

source: ubuntu

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