Turn uploaded photo spheres into interactive maps with Street View


We are of course talking about Google maps and its latest feature that allows you to create your own street view using a photo sphere. Uploading and sharing photo spheres has been possible for quite a while now, but it wasn’t until yesterday that spheres could be used to create street views.

You can create street views using photo spheres from Android phones or DSLR, as they aren’t any real limitations as long as the data gets uploaded properly. After the new feature strings together several photo spheres, it creates a street view that can be explored just like any other street view in Google Maps. By using the Google Maps API, people will also be able to embed their newly created street view on websites and applications at any given time.

When you think about it, Google’s new feature makes things easier for everybody involved. One one hand, Google doesn’t have to spend a large amount of money on indexing remote areas because of the people who will gladly do the job themselves, while on the other hand, people won’t have to wait long periods of time until the Google Car comes their way.