Todoist: Organize your to-do list

This unique app allows you to make better use of your time and organize your schedule accordingly. Whether you use an Android tablet or an android phone, the Todoist app can help you keep track of your tasks over a long period of time so that you will always get the most out of your spare time. The app’s attractive UI allows you to navigate through it in a comfortable manner while the dark theme makes it easier on the eyes while modifying the schedule during nighttime.

todoist tablet

What’s interesting about Todoist’s UI is that it allows users to access all of the app’s features just by sliding and tapping away despite the app’s multiple layers. For example, the “Today” and “Next 7 Days” lists display headings that divide tasks according to the date they are due. Each of them can be accessed relatively easy just by sliding your way through the headings although you can move them around manually by tapping and holding the desired task. As a first impression, the app seems extremely user-friendly and easy to use.


As far as useful apps go, Todoist is a powerful tool indeed. This app can help you synchronize tasks across a multitude of devices which is also facilitated by the fact that it uses an online data cloud. Also impressive, is the fact that you can add an unlimited number of tasks and sub tasks and organize them into projects and sub projects according to your needs. Furthermore, you can access the app’s task manager while being offline, which is a first for these type of apps. Last but not least, you benefit from amazing features such as recurring dates, task priorities, colored projects and sub tasks while running amazing widgets. As a matter of fact, all of these features are fully customizable which means that you’ll be able to change every little thing about the app until it satisfies your needs.

todist phone

All in all, Todoist seems like a valuable app to have. Although its attractive and intuitive UI does feel at times that is missing some key features, the fact that its developers are constantly working on updating it means that the app itself has the potential to get much better over time. It may also please people to know that Todoist comes equipped with a Chrome plugin feature that allows people to assign an e-mail address as a task.