Motorola Moto G Reviewed

motorola moto g review

Considering the popularity of high-end Moto x and its mass-produced relative Moto G, it was only natural that we would review at least one of them. For practical reasons, we have chosen to take a closer look at Moto G, probably that most popular of all of Motorola's devices on the market.Moto G … [Read more...]

OnePlus comes to life, focuses on next generation smartphones running CyanogenMod OS


Ex Oppo Vice President, Pete Lau, has created an entirely new phone brand called OnePlus, a company that plans to launch next generation smartphones running CyanogenMod OS. Pete Lau was the man who brough CyanogenMod to Oppo devices in the first place, which explains why OnePlus will also focus on … [Read more...]

Dual USB flash drive from Sony to be introduced next month


Sony is preparing the release of a dual USB drive in January 2014, a USB flash drive that features micro and regular USB ports. Because of many type of connectors available at the moment, Sony didn't want to focus on just one type of port for the drive. For instance, most of the tablets and … [Read more...]

SMS vulnerability in Nexus phones revealed


It was announced earlier at the DefCamp Security Conference in Bucharest that a dangerous SMS vulnerability has been revealed. This vulnerability can be exploited to impede cellular connectivity or to force a reboot on any Nexus device. Bogdan Alecu, one of the system administrators at Levi9 … [Read more...]

Smartphone shipments are up 39.3% while prices have dropped by 12.8% worldwide


More than 1 billion smartphone shipments will have been made by the end of 2013, or at least that's what a study from IDC says. According to the study, more than 1.7 billion devices will be shipped out worldwide by the end of 2017, thanks to new markets and innovation. Despite more units being … [Read more...]

Samsung reveals foldable phone prototypes

samsung galaxy round

During an analyst day on Wednesday, Samsung revealed a prototype smartphone that can fold in half. According to the Wall Street Journal, Samsung is looking to build on the Galaxy Round impact to introduce other equally interesting concepts to the market. This time, we're talking about a device that … [Read more...]

HTC One to operate Android 4.4 in a matter of weeks

HTC One Android 4.4 KitKat

According to a statement made by Google, all HTC One phones in North America will get an Android 4.4 KitKat update within 90 days. This has already been confirmed by HTC America president Jason Mackenzie in an interview with Engadget. That Google announcement also states that Samsung Galaxy S4 will … [Read more...]

Stormfly – The app that changes your wallpaper according to the weather


Stormfly features HD wallpapers that change based on the weather. We cannot give you a more blunt definition than this. Spiderfly Studios, the app's creators, have had their success in the past with apps such as Glowfly, an app that sends holo friendly SMS notifications for a variety of functions. … [Read more...]