Google Nexus 5 Review

google nexus 5 review

We talked about Nexus 5 a lot when it came out, but we never did a proper review of it, did we? Here is how things stand - every year, Google chooses a silicon vendor and a hardware partner. Then, they release a new Nexus phone that operates a newer version of Android. This year, it's the Nexus 5. … [Read more...]

Samsung releases Smartphone GamePad

smartphone gamepad android

Samsung has just released Smartphone GamePad in a few European countries, more to follow soon. This is one of Samsung's few attempts at a gaming device for Android, and it looks fairly well. First of all, the device is compatible with mobile devices ranging from 4 to 6.3 inches due to its design. … [Read more...]

Samsung looking to release Galaxy Core Advance at the beginning of 2014


It appears that Note 3 isn't the only entry-level device that Samsung is planning to release in early 2014. They're also working on Galaxy Core Advance, a low-cost smartphone that features entry-level specifications. It seems that earlier reports of Samsung going mid-range in 2014 were … [Read more...]

Huawei might reveal their octa core smartphone next week

huawei-honor-octa-core smartphone

Chinese manufacturer Huawei has just sent out invitations to an event that will be held on December 16. At this event, they will most likely reveal the first 'true' eight core smartphone ever made. Huawei calls this device Honor 4, a device that might also be sold as 'Glory 4' in some … [Read more...]

Turn uploaded photo spheres into interactive maps with Street View


We are of course talking about Google maps and its latest feature that allows you to create your own street view using a photo sphere. Uploading and sharing photo spheres has been possible for quite a while now, but it wasn't until yesterday that spheres could be used to create street views.You … [Read more...]

AllCast beta now available via Google Play


For those of you who are unaware, AllCast allows you to stream local content from any Android device to a TV, Xbox or Apple TV. AllCast streams this content via Wi-Fi from pretty much any Android smartphone or tablet, and it does so pretty efficiently.¬†¬†According to its developers, AllCast … [Read more...]

Moto G available in the United States via


Even though Moto G will become widely available in January through various carriers, Motorola decided to make the phone available earlier through their online shop. So if you head over to Motorola's website, you can see the phone available for purchase starting from $179. Still, they are only … [Read more...]

Presenting the world’s first 128 GB smartphone: Meizu MX3


Chinese manufacturer Meizu enjoyed its fair share of success in recent years, even if they haven't yet made any major breakthroughs on markets outside Asia. Their unconventional concepts sometimes hit the mark, which is why they're so popular in China lately. Their newest concept, Meizu MX3, is the … [Read more...]

Samsung smartphone with wraparound display announced for 2014

Samsung Galaxy Round top

According to reliable sources, Samsung is looking to release a Galaxy smartphone with a wraparound display sometime next year. These sources are saying that this device will feature a three-sided wraparound display, which makes the phone edgy by all means. Ok, maybe three-sided isn't exactly … [Read more...]