Samsung sold more smartphones in Q3 of 2013 than Apple, Nokia, and BlackBerry combined

q3 2013 smartphone sales

We already talked about the 40 million S4's that Samsung sold overall, an impressive figure by all standards. Not only this, but Samsung sold 35% of all the smartphones that were sold during Q3 2013 worldwide. This means that Samsung, at the moment, sells more devices than Apple, BlackBerry, and … [Read more...]

Galaxy S4 sold more than 40 million units according to Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S4 - DroidRun

We all know that Galaxy S4 is a popular device, but how popular is it exactly? Well, according to Samsung, more than 40 million S4's have been sold around the world ever since its release, a number that is both scary and impressive. Scary because it might soon become downright impossible to compete … [Read more...]