Samsung Galaxy S5 leak reveals a 16 MP camera and a 4000 mAH battery


Some of us have been waiting for such a leak ever since rumors starting going around about the S5's potential 16 MP camera. Well, the leak confirms it, and a few other interesting specs as well. Although we shouldn't base our expectations of S5 based on leaked information, it appears that a 5 inch … [Read more...]

Dell’s Venue 7 and Venue 8 Android tablets released


We've talked about Dell's Windows 8.1 tablet already, but we didn't really cover Dell's coverage of the Android market. Well today is the day when we have to, because Dell has just released the two Android tablets they've been talking about for quite a while now. Both tablets run an Android 4.2.2 … [Read more...]

Here we go again – Android 4.4 KitKat tweet suggests October 28 launch

have a break, have a kitkat

 Two pictures were shared by @KitKat on Twitter earlier, hinting a release near the end of the month. One of the images showed the Android logo covered by KitKat chocolate, an image titled 'Everybody dance now'. The other picture involved the text 'This is it' made of Kit Kats, although we … [Read more...]

HTC One Max fingerprint scanner to serve multiple purposes

htc one max fingerprint

The HTC One won't just be the largest HTC phone ever made, but one of the most technologically advanced as well. Reports are suggesting that HTC One Max's fingerprint scanner will feature a function that allows users to quick-launch any app just by using a fingerprint. Initially, the fingerprint … [Read more...]

Leaked information reveals Android 4.4 features


Less than 24 hours after the announcement of KitKat's impending release just a couple of days from now, we get news of another leak that shows us what Android 4.4 KitKat is all about. First of all, the 4.4 seems to use a transparent background for the navigation buttons and the notification area. … [Read more...]

LG G Pro Lite unveiled


LG has been very active lately, releasing one device after another. Although they didn't beat Samsung in the race to being the first manufacturer that releases a curved screen smartphone, they have been consistent enough with their work to warrant recognition. Today we take a look at G Pro Lite, a … [Read more...]

Nexus 5 and KitKat to be launched on October 15


The entire Android community is breathing heavily ever since KitKat was announced, waiting in anticipation to see what Android 4.4 will be all about. New reports are suggesting that KitKat, as well as the Nexus 5, will be released mid-October if we are to believe them. What we do know for a fact at … [Read more...]

GamePad 2 from Archos announced

Archos GamePad 2

(Image Credit: ARCHOS) When GamePad first came out, it struggled against its competitors due to poor advertising. The device's poor standing at this point, comes not as a result of poor performances (the device is very good by the way), but as a result of how poorly it was marketed. In terms of … [Read more...]

Introducing the Galaxy Round – the first device on the market with a flexible display

Samsung Galaxy Round

We have been hearing a lot of talk lately about flexible displays and how will they change the face of mobile devices as a whole. In fact, there has been so much talk about the LG Flex lately, that people don't really care which company releases a flexible display device as long as they release it … [Read more...]

Jelly Bean now covers almost half of all Android devices

Android Development

Highly anticipating the KitKat, people have already got their hands on the latest Android version. As a result, today, more than 48.6 percent of the market uses Jelly Bean, which is impressive by all means. These numbers were reported by Google Play's developer dashboard, which we have no reasons … [Read more...]