Tegra Note from NVIDIA to hit the market November 19

NVIDIA Tegra Note

You wouldn't normally expect NVIDIA to come up with a tablet, but they did anyway. Because of their huge experience making chipsets, NIVIDIA felt confident enough to develop their own version of affordable tablet, a device that most likely will not challenge the major manufacturers just yet. Still, … [Read more...]

ION Glasses – smartglasses that interact with your devices

ion glasses

 The very concept of smart sunglasses seems so futuristic at this point. Of course, smartphones have come a long way since the first mobile operating system so many years ago, and with them, a whole lot of auxiliary devices. This is the case with smartglasses, a type of technology that you … [Read more...]

Asus Transformer Pad Infinity 2 now has a new name

Asus Transformer Pad Infinity 2

Even though its Transformer Pad Infinity 2 hasn't yet been released, Asus thought it would be better to change its name. So from now on, the device will be called 'Transformer Pad TF701T' according to Asus, who apparently is looking to release the tablet until the end of the year.Asus has been … [Read more...]

MOGA Power, the controllers that will charge your phone


There has been a lot of talk of gaming controllers lately, from NVIDIA Shield to Gametel, and everything in between. This happens because, as mobile technology is getting better and better, people keep demanding more and more from device manufacturers. This creates an environment in which … [Read more...]

Nvidia Shield is finally here and it’s looking pretty good


It has been a long wait for gamers everywhere, but Nvidia Shield has finally arrived and it is looking pretty good. This powerful portable gaming device from Nvidia looks pretty good in terms of sustainability over long periods of time, and it only takes a couple of minutes to recognize the Shield's … [Read more...]