Nokia Normandy – the unexpected Android

nokia normandy android smartphone

Nokia has been supporting the Windows Phone with all their strength and resilience, yet they are perfectly aware that they're fighting a losing battle. Reports from The Verge are saying that Nokia has been working on an Android phone for quite a while now. This device, named Normandy, might be … [Read more...]

Introducing Jolla, a different type of smartphone


Finnish company Jolla is looking to introduce a new smartphone to the market, and with a slogan that says 'unlike', they're definitely mean business. We should start off by saying that Jolla doesn't have state of the art hardware, quite the contrary actually. The 1.4 Ghz dual core Qualcomm it uses … [Read more...]

Samsung sold more smartphones in Q3 of 2013 than Apple, Nokia, and BlackBerry combined

q3 2013 smartphone sales

We already talked about the 40 million S4's that Samsung sold overall, an impressive figure by all standards. Not only this, but Samsung sold 35% of all the smartphones that were sold during Q3 2013 worldwide. This means that Samsung, at the moment, sells more devices than Apple, BlackBerry, and … [Read more...]

Galaxy S4 retains top of sales list despite recent issues

Samsung Galaxy S4

We all know how popular the Galaxy S3, and in what record-breaking numbers it sold out. At the time, Samsung was very eager to tell the world just how well their device is doing, and how popular the S3 was. When talking about the S4 however, the situation changes. Although the device is still atop … [Read more...]

Nokia working on Android prototype despite impending Microsoft takeover

nokia lumia microsoft google android

It was just days ago that we were talking about Nokia's experiments with Android, and how well they managed to adapt the system for their phones. Well, it appears that Nokia is still working on it, despite Microsoft's impending takeover. Seeing how Microsoft is taking its sweet time finalizing the … [Read more...]

Nokia was apparently testing Android-based Lumias before the Microsoft sale

Android Nokia Lumia

According to some recent reports, Nokia was already testing the Android OS on its Lumia devices long before the company was bought by Microsoft. In all honesty, an Android-based Nokia phone wasn't such a far-fetched idea not so long ago, even though things have changed after the sale. The reports … [Read more...]

Newkia comes to life, focuses on building Android devices


The ink on Nokia's bill of sale to Microsoft hasn't yet dried, and some Nokia employees have already went their own way. The newly created Newkia is looking to combine Nokia hardware with Android software in order to create a new generation of smartphones. This new company has been started by Thomas … [Read more...]