SMS vulnerability in Nexus phones revealed


It was announced earlier at the DefCamp Security Conference in Bucharest that a dangerous SMS vulnerability has been revealed. This vulnerability can be exploited to impede cellular connectivity or to force a reboot on any Nexus device. Bogdan Alecu, one of the system administrators at Levi9 … [Read more...]

Text-to-Speech app available on Google Play Store

google text-to-speach app

Google has just released Text-to-Speech as an independent app, which is bound to help them with any potential updates to the engine at some point. Those of you who are familiar with the engine will be pleased to know that it no longer comes as a function for Google's accessibility features, but as a … [Read more...]

Nexus 5 has arrived

nexus 5 google play store

It has been a long wait, but now Nexus 5 is finally here. Earlier today, Nexus 5 has been made available for purchase through Google Play Store for the price of $399. There was a lot said in these last few months about the Nexus 5 and its capabilities, and we will take a closer look at it in the … [Read more...]

Meenova micro SD card reader for Android

Meenova micro SD card

Although it is an inconvenient trend, most Android manufacturers nowadays, rely solely on internal storage for their devices. This is the point where Meenova micro SD card reader for Android devices comes into play. Designed to expand the storage capacity of an Android device, all you have to do is … [Read more...]

Nexus 5 makes an appearance in Play Store

Nexus 5

Yes folks, it appears that Nexus 5 has finally arrived to the Play Store, and we couldn't be happier. After months of leaks and rumors, it feels good to have an official position to refer to when talking about the Nexus 5. It was only a couple of days ago that Nexus 5 appeared under the 'Nexus' … [Read more...]

Nexus 5 and KitKat to be launched on October 15


The entire Android community is breathing heavily ever since KitKat was announced, waiting in anticipation to see what Android 4.4 will be all about. New reports are suggesting that KitKat, as well as the Nexus 5, will be released mid-October if we are to believe them. What we do know for a fact at … [Read more...]

Service manual for Nexus 5 leaked


A Nexus 5 service manual surfaced earlier, containing information about the LG-D821 and its features. The leak contains a plethora of flow charts, diagrams, and technical information about the device, but also provides an insight into the next Nexus phone, telling us what to expect. We already … [Read more...]

Nexus 5 to use a MEMS camera


According to a leaked Nexus 5 log file, the device will be using an 8 megapixel camera with some interesting features. The log file told us all about the device's sensor model and how it relates to the camera, although there is some confusion surrounding the information. Here is how things stand: … [Read more...]

First look at the MiniSuit Keyboard stand for Nexus 7

minisuit keyboard case nexus 7

At the moment, Nexus 7 is one of the most popular devices on the planet, and for good reasons as well. The issue most people have with it, however, is its relatively small size. The device's small size makes written input quite hard, especially for those of us with big hands. Fortunately, a good … [Read more...]

Android 4.4 KitKat to be released in October

Android KitKat

According to Nestle's KitKat page (how weirdly this sounds), Android's new 4.4 KitKat OS will get an official release this October. Seeing how Nexus 5 leaks are surfacing on a daily basis, it would make perfect sense for something substantial to finally happen. Even so, leaks of Android's KitKat are … [Read more...]