Motorola Moto G Reviewed

motorola moto g review

Considering the popularity of high-end Moto x and its mass-produced relative Moto G, it was only natural that we would review at least one of them. For practical reasons, we have chosen to take a closer look at Moto G, probably that most popular of all of Motorola's devices on the market.Moto G … [Read more...]

Moto X now available for $349.99 according to Moto Maker customer service


Moto Maker customer service announced earlier that Moto X will become available for purchase via Motorola's website. We already talked about the possibility of Moto G to become available earlier this week, and it seems the reports were right. In addition to the Moto G who would start off at around … [Read more...]

Moto G available in the United States via


Even though Moto G will become widely available in January through various carriers, Motorola decided to make the phone available earlier through their online shop. So if you head over to Motorola's website, you can see the phone available for purchase starting from $179. Still, they are only … [Read more...]