Google made $14.9 billion in Q3 2013

google q3 earnings

It wasn't so long ago that we talked about HTC and how much they lost during Q3 2013. Today, we're going to take a look at how well Google did during Q3, because apparently they did great. According to an earlier announcement, Google had a net revenue of $11.9 billion, and around $14.9 in … [Read more...]

Google introduces smarter algorithms and new mobile features as a celebration for 15 years of service

google search with smarter algorithms

Image Credit: THEVERGEGoogle announced 4 days a go the implementation of smarter algorithms for its search engine, as well as a few interesting features for its mobile devices. A presentation was made detailing how Google can maintain context even after multiple search queries. These new … [Read more...]

Motorola Moto X reviewed


Let’s be brutally honest for a second here, we have been expecting Motorola to come up with something revolutionary ever since Google took over not so long ago. It is true that they have never really dominated the mobile market in the past anyway, but they have been among the top producers of mobile … [Read more...]