HTC One to operate Android 4.4 in a matter of weeks

HTC One Android 4.4 KitKat

According to a statement made by Google, all HTC One phones in North America will get an Android 4.4 KitKat update within 90 days. This has already been confirmed by HTC America president Jason Mackenzie in an interview with Engadget. That Google announcement also states that Samsung Galaxy S4 will … [Read more...]

UPDATE: Man who got shot receives a brand new phone from HTC

HTC Evo Bullet Shot

Yesterday we brought you the story of a store clerk who survived a gun shot because of his conveniently placed HTC Evo 3D. Even though the phone was destroyed in the process, the man who got shot now lives to see another day. As soon as they heard the news, the people over at HTC decided to send the … [Read more...]

HTC One Max fingerprint scanner to serve multiple purposes

htc one max fingerprint

The HTC One won't just be the largest HTC phone ever made, but one of the most technologically advanced as well. Reports are suggesting that HTC One Max's fingerprint scanner will feature a function that allows users to quick-launch any app just by using a fingerprint. Initially, the fingerprint … [Read more...]

HTC One Mini Reviewed


After the massive success of the HTC One, the Taiwanese company announced that a new smaller version will soon enter the market. This new smaller version of the HTC One will have all the features of the original one within a slightly smaller package. We say ‘all the features’ quite loosely in this … [Read more...]

HTC One Google Play edition update in the making

htc one google play edition

Ever since day one Google Play seemed like a good idea, and it was soon announced that there will be a couple of devices dedicated to it. This gave birth to a large debate however, about what updates each device would get and how often will this happen. We all know that Nexus for example, gets … [Read more...]