Google Glass prescription lenses to become available in a few weeks

google glass lenses

We talked on several occasions about Google Glass getting prescription lenses, and the feature is finally here. According to a statement from Rochester Optical, prescription lenses for Glass will be released very soon, in a matter of weeks actually. In all fairness, there have been many discussions … [Read more...]

VSP Global to develop prescription lenses and frames for Google Glass


Remember when we talked about the prospect of Google Glass accommodating prescription lenses at some point? Well, it appears that extensive negotiations are being held between Google and VSP Global to make this a reality as soon as possible. Google Glass will undoubtedly be a huge success when it … [Read more...]

Google to set up retail shops for the holidays

winter wonderlab by google

Most Android users are thankful for Google Play Store, but they would like a real-life store even more. Unfortunately, Google has no plans at the moment to open its own retail store, although it would be very profitable for them if they did. Still, they are more than happy to operate a holiday … [Read more...]

Google Glass to get Play Music support and stereo earphones

google glass play music

We have been hearing a lot lately about a potential Google Play Music app for Google Glass. Starting from today, this is no longer a rumor as Google made an official announcement not so long ago. Although we have no way of knowing at this point when and how the app will be introduced, we at have the … [Read more...]

Google Glass to feature prescription lenses starting from early 2014

google glass lenses

Google Glass is a wonderful device in itself, but this doesn't mean a few practical features wouldn't make it even better. Some people have been expecting Google Glass to offer prescription lenses support ever since the device was announced, but it wasn't until the release of Google Glass 2.0 last … [Read more...]

Expensive data tethering plans no longer required for Google Glass

google glass

At this point in time, owning Glass is one of the most high-tech experiences one can have. However, there are a number of issues that make people reconsider acquiring this revolutionary device, some of which are pretty big. First of all, the exorbitant entry fee is something that Google should … [Read more...]