Samsung smartphone with wraparound display announced for 2014

Samsung Galaxy Round top

According to reliable sources, Samsung is looking to release a Galaxy smartphone with a wraparound display sometime next year. These sources are saying that this device will feature a three-sided wraparound display, which makes the phone edgy by all means. Ok, maybe three-sided isn't exactly … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids to hit the market in November

Galaxy Tab 3 Kids

Yesterday Samsung announced that child-friendly Galaxy Tab 3 Kids will arrive on the market on November 10. This 7 inch Android tablet is designed in such a way as to appeal to younger generations, whereas its hardware configuration is identical to the standard Galaxy Tab 3. There are however some … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Gear to support S3, S4, and more


Thanks to the latest Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update, Galaxy s3, S4, and Note 2 will now be compatible with Galaxy Gear. Now Samsung has already started featuring Android 4.3 for its international version of S4, but we are expecting the practice to extend even further. For now, Samsung is preparing an … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S5 to use a 16MP Sony camera sensor

Samsung Galaxy S5

We should start by saying that Galaxy S4 has a more than decent camera mounted, and we expect S5 to do the same. The need for devices with powerful cameras is gaining popularity however, so we understand why manufacturers would want to be ahead of the curve as much as possible. This is precisely the … [Read more...]

What to expect from flexible displays


With all the commotion surrounding Samsung and LG and their flexible display smartphones, we thought it would be nice to explain what flexible displays are all about. Unlike regular displays, flexible ones are made of an OLED (organic light emitting diode) layer that acts exactly like a normal … [Read more...]

Introducing the Galaxy Round – the first device on the market with a flexible display

Samsung Galaxy Round

We have been hearing a lot of talk lately about flexible displays and how will they change the face of mobile devices as a whole. In fact, there has been so much talk about the LG Flex lately, that people don't really care which company releases a flexible display device as long as they release it … [Read more...]

Samsung drops the ball with Galaxy Note 3 and its benchmark results


Reports are coming our way about Samsung's unethical benchmarking adjustments. It appears that Galaxy Note 3 scored incredibly high on every test it was subjected to, and this raised some eyebrows. The problem seems to be that Samsung's hardware specs run faster than other similar hardware specs, a … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition announced

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

While everybody was concentrating on the Galaxy Note 3 smartphone and the Gear smartwatch, Samsung officially announced the Galaxy Note 10.1 2914 edition at its IFA 2013 event yesterday. This 2014 model of the Galaxy Note resembles the previous version quite a lot, at least when talking about the … [Read more...]