Samsung might update entry-level devices to Android 4.4


According to leaked information, Samsung is seriously considering an update to Android 4.4 for Galaxy Note 2, Note 3, Galaxy S3, and Galaxy s4. These updates however, were expected by the community considering the nature of these devices. The surprising news is that Samsung is currently deciding … [Read more...]

A look at Samsung’s Galaxy S III Mini Crystal Edition


Although not a new phone in the traditional sense, an interesting concept from Samsung was just released in Germany. This isn't necessarily something that Samsung has a problem with, as they view it as a good way to increase sales. Their new Galaxy S III Mini Crystal Edition is nothing more than a … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S III proven to have a more accurate touchscreen than iPhone 5s and 5c

samsung galaxy s3 touchscreen

Samsung Galaxy S III isn't a new device anymore, having been around for more than 18 months now. Even so, the phone's capabilities are of the highest standard, which cannot be said about its competitors. Take the phone's touchscreen for example, we all know how fast it is but what about accuracy? … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Gear to support S3, S4, and more


Thanks to the latest Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update, Galaxy s3, S4, and Note 2 will now be compatible with Galaxy Gear. Now Samsung has already started featuring Android 4.3 for its international version of S4, but we are expecting the practice to extend even further. For now, Samsung is preparing an … [Read more...]

Galaxy S4 sold more than 40 million units according to Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S4 - DroidRun

We all know that Galaxy S4 is a popular device, but how popular is it exactly? Well, according to Samsung, more than 40 million S4's have been sold around the world ever since its release, a number that is both scary and impressive. Scary because it might soon become downright impossible to compete … [Read more...]