Google Nexus 5 Review

google nexus 5 review

We talked about Nexus 5 a lot when it came out, but we never did a proper review of it, did we? Here is how things stand - every year, Google chooses a silicon vendor and a hardware partner. Then, they release a new Nexus phone that operates a newer version of Android. This year, it's the Nexus 5. … [Read more...]

Google Drive to get Chromecast functionality

Google Drive to Chromecast

Reports are coming our way claiming that Google Drive will soon have a Chromecast functionality. Just yesterday we were talking about Google's $23 million investment to make Android faster, and now this. It appears that Google does everything in its power to boost the functionality of their products … [Read more...]

Google’s $23 million attempt to make Android faster

flexycore droidbooster

Nobody is claiming that Android was running slow to begin with, but Google decided to boost the platform's capabilities anyway. It appears that Google has just acquired FlexyCore for $23.1 million, a move that will hopefully improve Android's standards and functionality. In an effort to tighten … [Read more...]

HTC One Max fingerprint scanner to serve multiple purposes

htc one max fingerprint

The HTC One won't just be the largest HTC phone ever made, but one of the most technologically advanced as well. Reports are suggesting that HTC One Max's fingerprint scanner will feature a function that allows users to quick-launch any app just by using a fingerprint. Initially, the fingerprint … [Read more...]

SMS integration for Google+ Hangouts


When Google introduced its real-time messaging service 'Hangouts' earlier this year, it did so in the hope that it will strengthen its social platform even further. It now appears that Google+ users will have even more to be excited about, as Google will soon launch a system that allows them to send … [Read more...]

Google introduces smarter algorithms and new mobile features as a celebration for 15 years of service

google search with smarter algorithms

Image Credit: THEVERGEGoogle announced 4 days a go the implementation of smarter algorithms for its search engine, as well as a few interesting features for its mobile devices. A presentation was made detailing how Google can maintain context even after multiple search queries. These new … [Read more...]

Expensive data tethering plans no longer required for Google Glass

google glass

At this point in time, owning Glass is one of the most high-tech experiences one can have. However, there are a number of issues that make people reconsider acquiring this revolutionary device, some of which are pretty big. First of all, the exorbitant entry fee is something that Google should … [Read more...]