Motorola Droid 5 is upon us

Motorola Droid 5

It has been a good week for leaks until now, started with Sony's Xperia, and now this. According to latest leaks, however, we might just have a Motorola QWERTY Android smartphone on our hands after all. These images clearly show that Verizon is working on a next generation sliding QWERTY droid, and … [Read more...]

A look at Omate TrueSmart

Omate Trusmart smartwatch

Those of you who are unimpressed with Samsung's Galaxy Gear might be in luck. Everybody seems to be talking about smartwatches lately, and today isn't any different. Only this time, nobody is trying to sell you any overpriced device. The Omate TrueSmart is the type of smartwatch that doesn't insist … [Read more...]

Next generation FonePad and MeMO from ASUS have their details leaked

asus logo

Yet another leak from ASUS surfaced this morning, like many other this month alone. This time, it's about MeMO and PadFone, the state of the art devices currently being developed by ASUS and who will most likely hit the market by the end of the year. Although no official statement from ASUS has been … [Read more...]

ASUS to manufacture 10 inch Nexus tablet later this year


Although viewed as the father of the second generation Nexus 7, ASUS is reportedly working on a refreshed Nexus 10 tablet that could replace Samsung as the main manufacturer on the market. Apparently, multiple sources have already confirmed that a new ASUS-made Nexus 10 is in the works, a tablet … [Read more...]

ZTE Z998 smartphone to soon hit the market


The ZTE Z998 has been announced for quite a while now, but we haven't really heard any updates on the subject lately, until now that is. Although images have been leaked less than two months ago presenting the 'Mustang' handset that apparently will be made by AT&T, it wasn't until recently that … [Read more...]

HTC One Mini Reviewed


After the massive success of the HTC One, the Taiwanese company announced that a new smaller version will soon enter the market. This new smaller version of the HTC One will have all the features of the original one within a slightly smaller package. We say ‘all the features’ quite loosely in this … [Read more...]