A better look at Galaxy Round

Samsung Galaxy Round

A couple of days ago we talked about the Galaxy Round and what impact it may have on the market. Well now is the time to take a closer look at its features and specs. We all know that Samsung is capable of delivering high quality devices, as they have done so many times over the years. On the market … [Read more...]

LG Z to obstruct Samsung’s dreams of being the only manufacturer with a flexible display smartphone

LG Z Concept

Yup, the title pretty much says it all. LG is rumored to be working on a flexible display smartphone they will release before Samsung, beating them by almost a month. We have already reported on Samsung's desire to release a flexible OLED smartphone, but now it seems that others have cought the bug … [Read more...]

LG-D686 NCC Certified in Taiwan


This new and mysterious phablet has received its NCC certification in Taiwan earlier this week, and it is looking fine. We can deduce that it is a phablet judging by its large display and its overall posture. LG has been in the news quite a lot recently, as it has been one of the busiest … [Read more...]