LG G Pro Lite unveiled


LG has been very active lately, releasing one device after another. Although they didn't beat Samsung in the race to being the first manufacturer that releases a curved screen smartphone, they have been consistent enough with their work to warrant recognition. Today we take a look at G Pro Lite, a … [Read more...]

GamePad 2 from Archos announced

Archos GamePad 2

(Image Credit: ARCHOS) When GamePad first came out, it struggled against its competitors due to poor advertising. The device's poor standing at this point, comes not as a result of poor performances (the device is very good by the way), but as a result of how poorly it was marketed. In terms of … [Read more...]

A better look at Galaxy Round

Samsung Galaxy Round

A couple of days ago we talked about the Galaxy Round and what impact it may have on the market. Well now is the time to take a closer look at its features and specs. We all know that Samsung is capable of delivering high quality devices, as they have done so many times over the years. On the market … [Read more...]

Big plans for HTC One Max on the horizon

HTC one

It seems that the guys over at HTC have bog plans for the HTC One Max smartphone that will most likely hit the market by the end of the year. Even if all we have is rumors at this point in time, there are certain expectations to be met by HTC' latest smartphone, and the community is having a blast … [Read more...]

HTC One Mini Reviewed


After the massive success of the HTC One, the Taiwanese company announced that a new smaller version will soon enter the market. This new smaller version of the HTC One will have all the features of the original one within a slightly smaller package. We say ‘all the features’ quite loosely in this … [Read more...]