AllCast beta now available via Google Play


For those of you who are unaware, AllCast allows you to stream local content from any Android device to a TV, Xbox or Apple TV. AllCast streams this content via Wi-Fi from pretty much any Android smartphone or tablet, and it does so pretty efficiently.¬†¬†According to its developers, AllCast … [Read more...]

ASUS Miracast Dongle aka ‘almost Chromecast’


We've all ben introduced to Chromecast and its features, and we're all thoroughly impressed. Even so, there are places in which Chromecast isn't available, or very hard to get a hold of. If, for whatever reason, you cannot get your hands on a Chromecast, you can try the next best thing. ASUS … [Read more...]

KitKat update might focus on TV

android kitkat tv

It appears that the next version of Android might focus more on TV features and less on smartphone features according to a Korean news report. Nobody is against Google doing what it does best to improve the OS and its functionality, so you won't hear much hassle about their apparent focus on TV. To … [Read more...]

Google Drive to get Chromecast functionality

Google Drive to Chromecast

Reports are coming our way claiming that Google Drive will soon have a Chromecast functionality. Just yesterday we were talking about Google's $23 million investment to make Android faster, and now this. It appears that Google does everything in its power to boost the functionality of their products … [Read more...]

Google working on Open Project, a way to share content between screens

Google Open Project

Ever since the days of Chrome tab sync, Google has been interested in sharing content between two or more screens. Their newest project focuses on projecting content from a smartphone onto any type of screen. The name of the project is 'Open Project' and it is expected to be functional by the end of … [Read more...]

CheapCast can turn your Android tablet into a working Chromecast


If you cannot afford a Chromecast, but you have an old Android tablet lying around, this might just be your lucky day. Using Google's Chromecast dongle, you can configure your HDTV to stream audio and video from online sources just like a smart TV. Interestingly enough, a new free app called … [Read more...]

How to run an emulator on a Chromecast

How to run an emulator on a Chromecast

Although it has only been on the market for less than a week, people are already discovering interesting things to tweak on their Chromecast. This is mainly due to the fact that the device has been rooted, which makes it possible to run a variety of programs through it with virtually no limitations. … [Read more...]