Samsung releases Smartphone GamePad

smartphone gamepad android

Samsung has just released Smartphone GamePad in a few European countries, more to follow soon. This is one of Samsung's few attempts at a gaming device for Android, and it looks fairly well. First of all, the device is compatible with mobile devices ranging from 4 to 6.3 inches due to its design. … [Read more...]

Dell’s Venue 7 and Venue 8 Android tablets released


We've talked about Dell's Windows 8.1 tablet already, but we didn't really cover Dell's coverage of the Android market. Well today is the day when we have to, because Dell has just released the two Android tablets they've been talking about for quite a while now. Both tablets run an Android 4.2.2 … [Read more...]

ION Glasses – smartglasses that interact with your devices

ion glasses

 The very concept of smart sunglasses seems so futuristic at this point. Of course, smartphones have come a long way since the first mobile operating system so many years ago, and with them, a whole lot of auxiliary devices. This is the case with smartglasses, a type of technology that you … [Read more...]

HP announces 11 inch Chromebook


HP has just revealed information about a new 11 inch laptop, dubbed 'HP Chromebook 11'. They have apparently been working on the device for quite a while now, and thought that it was time to unveil it to the public. HP Chromebook 11 is a 11.6 inch laptop working on a 1366x768 resolution, which even … [Read more...]

ZTE Z998 smartphone to soon hit the market


The ZTE Z998 has been announced for quite a while now, but we haven't really heard any updates on the subject lately, until now that is. Although images have been leaked less than two months ago presenting the 'Mustang' handset that apparently will be made by AT&T, it wasn't until recently that … [Read more...]