What to expect from flexible displays


With all the commotion surrounding Samsung and LG and their flexible display smartphones, we thought it would be nice to explain what flexible displays are all about. Unlike regular displays, flexible ones are made of an OLED (organic light emitting diode) layer that acts exactly like a normal … [Read more...]

Qualcomm smartwatch to soon hit the market

Qualcomm Toq SmartWatch

Just a couple of days ago, everybody was talking about Samsung and its Galaxy Gear, including its smartwatch. As interesting as that news may be, it did in fact take everybody's attention away from everything else that was happening on the scene. For instance, Qualcomm has now announced its own … [Read more...]

LG Optimus G Pro Review

LG Optimus G Pro

For some people, oversized phones belong in the ’90s, and have no place in the modern world. There is, however, the issue of people having thick fingers or bad eyesight, arguments in favor of slightly larger phones for a specific segment of the market. Nowadays, almost every smartphone or tablet … [Read more...]

Motorola Moto X reviewed


Let’s be brutally honest for a second here, we have been expecting Motorola to come up with something revolutionary ever since Google took over not so long ago. It is true that they have never really dominated the mobile market in the past anyway, but they have been among the top producers of mobile … [Read more...]

Google Nexus 7 Review 2013


Ever since it was announced, the Google Nexus 7 has been shocking the market with its innovative features and overall quality. Before the Nexus 7, most Android tablets were made by no-name companies and had a questionable integrity. Of course, the opportunity was there for the taking so many … [Read more...]