Dreamcast emulator available at the Play Store


Those of you who were fans of the popular console back in the day will be happy to hear about 'reicast', a working Dreamcast emulator for Android. Although this is just the alpha version, it still works well enough to warrant an installation. To sum it up roughly, reicast is the Android-based … [Read more...]

Skype for Android gets update featuring interesting improvements

Skype Update

Android users everywhere will be happy to hear about Skype's latest update, an update that brings some pretty interesting features. While most people thought that a new update would bring just a regular set of fixes and tweaks, the package actually features a picture-in-picture option and a … [Read more...]

Latest Google Play Books update opens books faster and allows direct uploads from any device


It used to be that you had to go to Google's website to upload a book, well not anymore. The latest 3.1.17 update for Google Play Books allows you to upload your books straight from your favorite device. This has been quite an issue in the past, as independent authors often had difficulties when … [Read more...]

Instagram to get messaging system before the end of this year


Ever since Instagram was acquired by Facebook, we've been waiting for a major update of sorts. This could come in the form of a private messaging system that should be made available before the end of the year. We are happy to see further updates to Instagram, especially now after it has recently … [Read more...]

Text-to-Speech app available on Google Play Store

google text-to-speach app

Google has just released Text-to-Speech as an independent app, which is bound to help them with any potential updates to the engine at some point. Those of you who are familiar with the engine will be pleased to know that it no longer comes as a function for Google's accessibility features, but as a … [Read more...]

Stormfly – The app that changes your wallpaper according to the weather


Stormfly features HD wallpapers that change based on the weather. We cannot give you a more blunt definition than this. Spiderfly Studios, the app's creators, have had their success in the past with apps such as Glowfly, an app that sends holo friendly SMS notifications for a variety of functions. … [Read more...]

BBM for Android coming to Google Play


BlackBerry wants to give the impression that it is still alive and kicking, even in today's market. It is to this purpose that they have announced their rollout of the BBM for Android app, an app that should be available through Google Play store any moment now. We wouldn't want to specify a precise … [Read more...]

SMS integration for Google+ Hangouts


When Google introduced its real-time messaging service 'Hangouts' earlier this year, it did so in the hope that it will strengthen its social platform even further. It now appears that Google+ users will have even more to be excited about, as Google will soon launch a system that allows them to send … [Read more...]