Skype for Android gets update featuring interesting improvements

Skype Update

Android users everywhere will be happy to hear about Skype’s latest update, an update that brings some pretty interesting features. While most people thought that a new update would bring just a regular set of fixes and tweaks, the package actually features a picture-in-picture option and a pinch-to-zoom navigation tool.

The popular video-chatting program now features a multitasking capability that allows you to do more than one thing at a time. Now, Skype offers picture-in-picture video-chatting so you can browse the internet while conversing with your friends. Furthermore, you can now drag the thumbnail picture-in-picture to whatever corner of the screen you wish, making browsing the internet more accessible.

The other interesting features are the pinch-to-zoom navigation tool for browsing contacts, and an updated functionality of both the video and instant messaging services. Needless to say, the update also fixes most of the known bugs from the earlier version, while increasing the overall speed of the app as well. It will be interesting to see how far Skype’s developers can take the app now that mobile technology gets better and better by the week.

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