Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids to hit the market in November

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 KidsImage Credit/ Samsung
Yesterday Samsung announced that child-friendly Galaxy Tab 3 Kids will arrive on the market on November 10. This 7 inch Android tablet is designed in such a way as to appeal to younger generations, whereas its hardware configuration is identical to the standard Galaxy Tab 3. There are however some minor changes in software, as you would expect from a device designed mainly for kids.

For example, the Galaxy Tab 3 Kids tablet comes equipped with a completely different interface than the standard Galaxy Tab 3, as well as more than a few different apps. Among these apps, we find titles such as ‘Fruit Ninja’, ‘Where’s My Perry’, and ‘Kids Planet Discovery’, all extremely useful apps for the querying minds of tomorrow. In addition, the tablet comes equipped with parental controls designed to prevent kids from making expensive purchases on Google Play or any other website.

If for some reason, adults would find themselves in the possession of such a device, they should know that every child-friendly feature that ‘Tab 3 Kids’ has is fully reversible. The tablet was designed in such a way that it allows users to reverse the device’s operating system to a standard Android OS if they should choose to do so. All things considered, this (supposedly) $229 tablet seems like the perfect holiday gift for children of all ages, so maybe you should start saving.