Samsung Galaxy S5 Preview


It might be a bit of a stretch to call it a preview, but here’s what we know about Samsung’s next flagship phone that presumably will be the Galaxy S5. Over the last few months, we heard plenty of rumors regarding the possible / probable features that Galaxy S5 will have at the time of its release. We were also blessed with plenty of leaked photos and information about the device. Even so, there are plenty of rumors going around claiming that S5 will actually be replaced by Metal Galaxy F as Samsung’s flagship device. The fact that Samsung refuses to take an official stance on the subject raises controversy even further.


It all started with rumors about the S5’s 16 MP camera and aluminum case

Rumors started circulating in August about the S5’s potential aluminum case and 16 MP camera with optical image stabilization. Shutterbugs everywhere started rubbing their hands in anticipation as soon as they heard rumors of S5’s state of the art camera sensor, a feature that will most likely be used by Samsung’s next phone, whether it is the S5 or not. The aluminum case is also a nice touch seeing how most devices on the market have already ditched plastic a long time ago.


Then, we heard that S5 might have two operating system options at launch

There was talk of S5 having two operating systems at launch a few months ago, an idea that many people were actually fond of. What the rumor basically said was that the S5 would feature both Android and Tizen, allowing people to choose the device that best serves their needs. Tizen is a Linux-based OS developed partly by Samsung, an OS that will allow Samsung to keep more of the money from advertising.

Some voices are claiming that S5 might actually be replaced by Galaxy F as Samsung’s flagship device

According to ETNews, the Galaxy F Samsung is working on might replace the S5 altogether. Although advertised as a new model in its own right, the hardware specs it features seem extremely similar to those used by the S5. Therefore, the octa-core processor, 16 MP camera, and metal case might actually be part of the S5’s replacement instead of a different device that just happens to be released by Samsung at the same time. As unlikely as this sounds, we shouldn’t rule it out for now.


Galaxy S5 will feature a brighter camera that uses Isocell technology

Not so long ago, we found out about Samsung’s ongoing work on a brighter camera, eight times brighter actually. This new technology also features Isocell technology, a camera sensor that allows much better pictures to be taken. Samsung initially spoke of a 13 MP camera they were working on, but as time passed, S5’s 16 MP camera was also thrown in the mix.


It might have a wraparound display

We also heard that Galaxy S5 might use a wraparound display, but we’re inclined to take it with a grain of salt considering the only source saying it. Still, it’s not a secret that Samsung is working on a wraparound display, like many other manufacturers as well. The only real issue is that a device like Galaxy S5 is supposed to cover a substantial part of the market, and it can’t do that if the hardware is faulty / unreliable. We should probably wait until manufacturers get a good grip on the technology before raising our expectations.


It might have an eye scanner

It wasn’t so long ago that we had our minds blown by the fingerprint scanner, but the ‘unlocking the phone with your finger’ fad might become a thing of the past. In tomorrow’s world, every mobile device might use an eye scanner. According to ZDNet Korea, Samsung is working on an iris scanner for the S5, and it will debut the phone in February at the Mobile World Congress. If this is the case, then it won’t be long until other manufacturers will get on board with the idea, making mobile devices a whole lot safer.


This is more or less what we should expect from Galaxy S5 / Galaxy F by the time of its official release.