OnePlus comes to life, focuses on next generation smartphones running CyanogenMod OS


Ex Oppo Vice President, Pete Lau, has created an entirely new phone brand called OnePlus, a company that plans to launch next generation smartphones running CyanogenMod OS. Pete Lau was the man who brough CyanogenMod to Oppo devices in the first place, which explains why OnePlus will also focus on the OS.

It does seem like OnePlus will be just another small company trying to survive in a giant smartphone race, and is up to the people at OnePlus to prove us wrong. With a slogan like #NeverSettle, the company promises to release high-end devices at reasonable prices, a promise they will definitely have a hard time fulfilling.

For the time being, OnePlus didn’t make any detailed statement regarding their business plan in the long run, saying only how much they believe in passion and innovation at the expense of financial metrics and bottom lines. It will be interesting to see how long they’ll manage to survive on the market with high-end CyanogenMod yet affordable devices.