Nvidia Shield is finally here and it’s looking pretty good


It has been a long wait for gamers everywhere, but Nvidia Shield has finally arrived and it is looking pretty good. This powerful portable gaming device from Nvidia looks pretty good in terms of sustainability over long periods of time, and it only takes a couple of minutes to recognize the Shield’s overall quality when it comes to pretty much everything. Advertised as a gaming device mainly, Nvidia Shield is capable of doing much more. Although there have been experiments in the past with similar devices from different producers, the Shield is pretty much the only one capable of actually doing things beside running games. For example, the Shield is capable of PC Streaming, a feature that allows users to play games anywhere there is a functioning monitor. Furthermore, its fast 802.11n 2×2 MIMO wi-fi connectivity makes game streaming possible at an incredible speed. The device’s quality controller also makes gaming a lot more comfortable, a feature that is complimented by the Shield’s powerful Tegra 4 GPU.


Running a 4.2.1 Android OS, the Shield looks and feels extremely comfortable, especially after taking advantage of the pre-installed TegraZone app that allows users to customize every aspect of their device. The software is great but let’s take a look at the Shield’s hardware because there’s plenty to see. Using a new Tegra 4 processor which is a quad-core 1.9 GHz, the Shield is capable of running applications for a very long time without draining too much of the battery. It can do that due to the 28.8 Watt Hours – 7350mAh battery which is a very powerful battery in its own right. As for memory, the Shield uses 2 GB of Ram and an internal storage of 16 GB which in all fairness, could have been bigger. The device’s display however, uses a 720p screen in a world where most of the newer devices use a 1080p. This being said, the Shield’s display doesn’t prove much of an issue while in-use as the device has been carefully calibrated to work fine just as it is.


Focusing quite a lot on Android gaming, the Shield has been advertised as a perfect platform for at least 100 Android games, and by the looks of it, it kind of is. Most of these games are Tegra-optimized which is a good thing in its own right, but the really impressive part is how well these games run using the Shield’s controller. Traditionally, people were having issues with touching the screen when playing their favorite games, but due to the Shield’s quality controller, these issues are a thing of the past. Earlier this day, Nvidia made a statement claiming that every device they have shipped so far has sold out. This being the case, we can safely assume that this new and interesting handheld gaming device will prove to be quite a success in the following months.