Nexus 5 partly to blame for slow sales of LG G2

nexus5 vs g2

It seems that LG only sold two million G2’s globally, which is below their expectations. LG wasn’t the only manufacturer who experienced slower-than-expected sales this year, as HTC and Huawei suffered the same problem. This might result in serious changes in market shares next year according to industry observers. As for the G2, we’re not 100% sure why the device isn’t getting the love it deserves, especially considering its decent specs, good display, and great camera.

LG initially projected to sell 10 million units of G2 in 2013, but global sales have barely went over two million. One of the reasons why this happened was the G2’s release date which was too close to the date Nexus 5 was launched. Interestingly enough, the Nexus 5 isn’t as powerful as the G2, nor does it feature such a powerful camera, but its selling price makes it a much more attractive alternative to the G2.

Another interesting aspect to consider, is how popular the Nexus 5 is compared to the G2. Most reviews speak of how reliable and affordable the Nexus 5 is, which doesn’t help the G2 which is pretty much its competitor. So despite the fact that G2 features better hardware specs, Google’s Nexus 5 manages to draw people towards it through affordability. LG can take some comfort in the fact that Huawei and HTC also sold less than what their projections were, so at least they’re not alone.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Plain and simple nothing beats Samsung or the Galaxy Note products period. Trust me the Lg G2 pimp slaps any silly Nexus 5 all day long. Sales for either the Lg G2 or Nexus 5 aren’t all that great.

    • Data

      You’re an idiot. I’m a Samsung fan myself, but I’ve never read anything as ridiculous as your comments.

  • kgptzac

    Looks someone forgot G2’s unusual button placement; could be a factor too.