Nexus 5 is currently being sold by Google with an improved body


The general consensus regarding the Nexus 5 is that it does its job well and has no major issues. Even so, there have been some complaints about the device’s sturdiness and stability. For instance, some users have complained about how easy it is to press the power button by mistake, the same being said about the volume buttons as well.


It appears that Google is perfectly aware of these small inconveniences, and has taken clear steps towards fixing them. In fact, they even went as far as modifying their assembly line altogether. It wasn’t long ago that a customer who returned his faulty Nexus 5 got a replacement that appeared to be somehow different. So now, if you put one of the earliest Nexus 5 side-by-side with a newly manufactured one, you will be able to see a few differences.


Google has apparently made the power button stiffer, made the volume buttons sturdier, and increased the size of the microphone & speaker openings. Furthermore, it appears that newly manufactured Nexus 5 phones feature a yellow tint on the display, yet we have no idea what that’s all about. Long story short, a few of the early customers have complained about some design issues, and Google being the perfectionist giant that it is, took the time to actually fix them. Well done Google.