Netflix app gets profile support


It isn’t just North Americans who use Netflix nowadays, with the use of various software, almost everybody can sign up for Netflix, regardless of location. It was only natural for a service like Netflix to have a huge following on mobile platforms, and it does.

There have been however, some issues concerning the app’s profile support. Netflix took their time making profile support available for Android users, and we aren’t yet clear on the reasons for now. The app’s latest update in the Play Store finally delivers what many of its users were wishing for, especially considering the fact that profile support was active on almost every other platform except Android.

get_it_on_play_logo_largeFrom now on, Netflix users won’t be forced to deal with multiple accounts or multiple users sharing the same one. They can each set up their own individual profile featuring their favorite shows, separate from any other users using the same account. This is great news for anybody who shares an account with their spouse an / or children, as they won’t have to browse through all the wrong suggestions when trying to watch a specific type of content.

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