Latest Google Play Books update opens books faster and allows direct uploads from any device

Google-Play-Books-Update-UploadImage Credit/ AndroidPolice

It used to be that you had to go to Google’s website to upload a book, well not anymore. The latest 3.1.17 update for Google Play Books allows you to upload your books straight from your favorite device. This has been quite an issue in the past, as independent authors often had difficulties when trying to upload their work.

All it takes now is to open a book with any file manager and push the ‘Upload to Play Books’ button. This works with any PDF and EPUB files, and it is pretty easy to work with. Google also claims that the 3.1.17 update will open books quicker and smoother, a feature that we haven’t been able to test yet.

google-books-updateImage Credit/ AndroidPolice

You can also see a book’s cover while waiting for it to open, a feature that might make it easier to past time from now on. The Notes UI has also been improved, as you can now set note colors and edit them thoroughly. Among the rest of this update’s features we find a ‘read any book in landscape’ feature, lower brightness settings, and the ability to dismiss recommended books in Read Now.

File name:

Version: 3.1.17 (Android 3.0+).

MD5: b7b9d843d5e339a6da4bf8299685a1cd.

source: AndroidPolice

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