Latest Facebook 4.0 update to give the app a whole new look

new-facebook-appImage Credit/ androidpolice

People who use the Facebook app on their devices will be happy to hear that a new update will be made available soon giving the app a facelift. The 4.0 update is going to give the world’s largest social network app a redesigned UI, a UI that will apparently resemble the way Twitter redesigned their app recently. In other words, it will have a flat UI.

facebook app 1Image Credit/ androidpolice
Instead of the old menu, a large tile will now appear on the upper left side. There will be five icons underneath the title of the page being viewed, to help users navigate around the app efficiently. These icons refer to Friend Requests, Newsfeed, Messages, Check-ins, and the Settings menu. It is hard to say just how much they will increase accessibility at this point, although they will definitely make things faster.
facebook app 2Image Credit/ androidpolice
We mentioned the Twitter app earlier and how flat its UI has become. Some people have apparently voiced their dislike of the new UI, and their number is growing steadily. This being said, it will be interesting to see how Facebook users will react to the new 4.0 UI, and there’s only wait to find out. All in all, the update will reach Google Play pretty soon, so keep your eyes open.

source: AndroidPolice

  • And they still can’t get it right…

    • DroidRun

      What would you like to see with the next update ?

      • Actual Holo would be nice. And while the graphics are different, I doubt they fixed the overdraw issues that caused all the problems in the first place. It’s better, but it’s still not “there.” They could take a page from Klyph’s book. I love that app.