HBO Go on Android gets Chromecast support


hbo-go-chromecastImage Credit/ droid-life
We saw HBO Go mentioned on the official Chromecast apps page not so long ago, but HBO and Google still had some issues to figure out before making the service available. Starting this morning, however, both Android and iOS HBO Go apps have been updated with Chromecast support. This is something that some of us have been waiting for quite a while now, and it’s nice to finally see it happen.

The fact that HBO was considering a move into Google’s dongle space was well known for quite a while now, and they have reportedly designed a few private YouTube promos already. This being said, it became quite obvious what was about to happen ever since the beginning of the week, but it wasn’t until this morning that things were made official.

Some reports are saying that HBO has been waiting for the App Store approval before making it official, which makes sense when you think about it. There have been quite a few alleged deals that went sour because of their issues with Google Play store, so we understand why even a giant such as HBO had its reservations. This being said, you can go right ahead and install the app from Google Play if you wish, and look after the Chromecast icon that appears at the top of the app.

source: droid-life