Google search now capable of opening apps with relevant results


If you are the type of person who uses Google a lot, you will be pleased to now that a new update for the popular search engine has been made. From now on, users searching for a piece of information can now choose to be presented with links to open apps that contain information similar to what they were looking for. Among the supported apps we find IMDb, OpenTable, Wikipedia, and Newegg.

Google search will also help users find apps they might want to install, apps that are related to the topics being searched. Depending on the keyword, users will now have the option to visualize all the apps featured by Google Play Store related to that specific topic. If the search involves maps for example, Google’s search results will now feature weather apps and their download links.

This is a major step towards helping inexperienced users get a better grasp of how to handle themselves and their needs while browsing the internet. It might seem quaint for us experienced users to have difficulties searching for software online, but newcomers need all the help they can get. The improved app integration is now being released as an update to the Google Search app for Android.