Google launches Newsstand for Android

google Newsstand nexus 7

Starting today, a new app called Google Play Newsstand will combine its Currents and Magazines apps. This new app combines RSS feeds, content from blogs, online publications, and many other sources for news into a single service. Newsstand allows users to subscribe to all these sources through Google Play, a system that has already been used by Android’s rivals.

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Newsstand can be customized to include both free content and paid subscriptions. As for the layout, it is designed in a card-view fashion, similar to Flipboard. The app also features an interesting ‘learning’ software that uses tags from articles to create a certain pattern for the reader. According to this pattern, future articles will be displayed, all related to a user’s interests.

A few people have already expressed their concern that Google’s Newsstand might actually be ‘borrowing’ Apple’s similarly named app, but then again, how else could you name such a service? One of the big issues that Newsstand faces right now, is the huge amount of data it loads at any given time. This has always been a problem with RSS feeds and similar content, which is why Newsstand should probably find an interesting method to provide that content in a way that is interesting / entertaining for the reader.