Phones as PCs: Is this just a user interface problem?

Until recently, the concept of a “desktop PC phone” would have been laughable. Even now, in the era of phone-PC crossovers like Samsung Dex and Huawei’s PC mode (Easy Projection), the idea still seems slightly unbelievable. It’s sobering — at least for we (*ahem*) older watchers tech industry enthusiasts — that modern smartphones or tablets pack about

IFA 2018: Too bad the US won’t see most of them

  High-end smartphones at a fraction of the cost of Apple’s $999 iPhone X or Samsung’s $1,000 Note 9. A phone aimed at mobile gamers. A colorful device with a physical keyboard. These are the phones that emerged at consumer electronics show IFA, typically known for appliances, televisions and other gadgets. This year, though, a handful of handset makers

High radiation emitting mobiles

Xiaomi Mi A1, a mid-range smartphone from the Chinese phone maker, leads a list of highest radiation emitting phones among popular smartphones, a database kept by the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection or Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz revealed. Xiaomi Mi A1 is trailed by OnePlus 5T. Next five spots are taken by phones from Huawei which include models like

Android Phones: 85 % Of The Market In 2018

volumes are expected to grow at a five-year Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 2.4 percent, with shipments approaching 1.41 billion in 2022, an IDC report said. Apple is expected to grow by 2.1 percent in 2018 and iPhones would grow at a five-year CAGR of two percent, thus, reaching volumes of 238.5 million by 2022, said the

ZTE reveals first phone after Trump sanctions at IFA 2018

After striking a billion-dollar deal with the US government earlier this summer, which would end ZTE’s import ban over violating trade sanctions, the Chinese phone maker is unveiling its latest flagship phone, the Axon 9 Pro. Announced at the IFA 2018 conference in Berlin, it’s the first phone ZTE launched after this controversy and, not surprisingly, it won’t be available