Google Voice Search – hotword detection extension coming to Chrome

ok-google-voice search

Google has just extended the functionality of their search platform to Chrome. Starting today, there will be a Chrome Extension available that enables the OK Google hotword detection via microphone on the Google Search page. All you will have to do to enable the service is to say 'Ok Google' and the … [Read more...]

RAW file support and native burst mode shooting will soon be available on Android


Google has confirmed yesterday that all the recent rumors about Android getting RAW file support and burst mode shooting were true. So if you have good camera hardware by any chance, prepare to use it at its full potential pretty soon. According to Google's spokesperson Gina Scigliano, Android's … [Read more...]

International alliance investing in MRAM in order to displace DRAM technology

MRAM technology

An international collaboration between Japanese and US companies is investing heavily into the development of MRAM technology, a technology that will apparently replace DRAM within the near future. In today's mobile technology world, every manufacturer focuses on 64-bit technology, not so much on … [Read more...]

VSP Global to develop prescription lenses and frames for Google Glass


Remember when we talked about the prospect of Google Glass accommodating prescription lenses at some point? Well, it appears that extensive negotiations are being held between Google and VSP Global to make this a reality as soon as possible. Google Glass will undoubtedly be a huge success when it … [Read more...]

Tablet-optimized apps now have a better visibility at Google Play Store

google play store tablets design

Google Play Store updated their platform to allow a much better visibility for tablet-optimized apps and software. The new interface allows people who are using Android tablets to view apps that are relevant to their devices according to customizable criteria. This includes 'top paid', 'top free', … [Read more...]

A New Nexus Wireless Charger now available from Google Play Store


As you may or may not remember, Nexus 4 already had a wireless charger, a useful tool that allowed people to keep their eyes on the screen while their device was being charged. The almost spherical tool was designed in such a way that it required devices to be held in a certain angle, which is no … [Read more...]

Google to set up retail shops for the holidays

winter wonderlab by google

Most Android users are thankful for Google Play Store, but they would like a real-life store even more. Unfortunately, Google has no plans at the moment to open its own retail store, although it would be very profitable for them if they did. Still, they are more than happy to operate a holiday … [Read more...]