Nexus 10 Android 4.3 Dilemma

nexus 10

Following the development of Nexus 10, many Google developers thought it will be all flowers and puppies for the prospective kings in the realms of Silicon Valley. This is not the case; just before consumers’ memories fade, as far as Nexus 7 graphic drivers are concerned, Nexus 10 is facing a … [Read more...]

Nvidia Shield is finally here and it’s looking pretty good


It has been a long wait for gamers everywhere, but Nvidia Shield has finally arrived and it is looking pretty good. This powerful portable gaming device from Nvidia looks pretty good in terms of sustainability over long periods of time, and it only takes a couple of minutes to recognize the Shield's … [Read more...]

HTC One Google Play edition update in the making

htc one google play edition

Ever since day one Google Play seemed like a good idea, and it was soon announced that there will be a couple of devices dedicated to it. This gave birth to a large debate however, about what updates each device would get and how often will this happen. We all know that Nexus for example, gets … [Read more...]

Verizon XOOM 4G LTE announced with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean support

Verizon Xoom 4G LTE

The constantly updated Motorola XOOM 4G LTE is at this point one of the oldest tablets on the market. Apparently, Verizon has recently approved an update to Android 4.2 Jelly Bean which will definitely boost not only the tablet's perception on the market but also its overall speed. This comes after … [Read more...]

Android tablets now make 67% of the market


We are all aware of how popular android tablets are and how quickly they have risen to such high standard, but according to data published by Google earlier this week, Android tablets now make up for almost 70% of the market. This doesn't really come as a surprise to anybody involved with tablets … [Read more...]

Google decided to close Shopper App on August 30

google shopper app closing

The Google Shopper app for Android has received little press since May 2013. Based on information from Play store listing, this update contained performance improvements and user interface enhancements that were not clearly specified. These latest and most recent changes appear to be the last that … [Read more...]

Android 4.3 hidden feature allows people to modify app permissions at will


Seeing how it is a relatively new feature, most people are unaware that Google's latest OS update has a hidden feature that allows people to tap into an app's hidden permissions thus modifying its characteristics at will. Yes, you heard that right, Jelly Bean's latest update lets you control app … [Read more...]

New $35 device will be able to stream videos to your TV

The new Google Chromecast dongle is pictured on an electronic screen as it is announced during a Google event at Dogpatch Studio in San Francisco

Earlier this week, Google uncovered "Chromecast", a small but powerful device that allows people to stream content on their TV through a Wi-Fi network. This device uses a computer, phone, or tablet as a veritable remote control that people can use to transfer video content and stream it on their … [Read more...]

Google releases improved Nexus 7 tablet

Hugo Barra, director of Product Management at Android, holds a new Nexus 7 tablet during a Google event at Dogpatch Studio in San Francisco,

Earlier this week, Google unveiled an upgraded Nexus 7 Tablet at a press event in San Francisco. The release of this powerful device will surely tighten the grip that the search engine giant already has on the table market. This new device is to be built by Asus, and it comes equipped with some … [Read more...]