Samsung going for a ‘back to basics’ approach with the S5


It seems only natural that we would follow our preview of the S5 with yet another piece of information regarding the already popular device. Earlier this week, Samsung announced the release of Galaxy S5 somewhere in March or April. This is somehow disappointing for those of us who were expecting it … [Read more...]

Z6C gaming console from Zero Devices coming soon

zero devices Z6C gaming console

Slowly but surely, we are presented with more and more gaming consoles for the Android platform. Some of these consoles are made by big names like NVIDIA and Samsung, but this one will be made by a company called Zero Devices. The multitude of options when it comes to Android gaming pleases us, and … [Read more...]

Google Glass prescription lenses to become available in a few weeks

google glass lenses

We talked on several occasions about Google Glass getting prescription lenses, and the feature is finally here. According to a statement from Rochester Optical, prescription lenses for Glass will be released very soon, in a matter of weeks actually. In all fairness, there have been many discussions … [Read more...]

OnePlus comes to life, focuses on next generation smartphones running CyanogenMod OS


Ex Oppo Vice President, Pete Lau, has created an entirely new phone brand called OnePlus, a company that plans to launch next generation smartphones running CyanogenMod OS. Pete Lau was the man who brough CyanogenMod to Oppo devices in the first place, which explains why OnePlus will also focus on … [Read more...]

Vital privacy feature removed from Android as Google claims accidental release


Android users everywhere rejoiced recently when they discovered a new app privacy feature called App Ops that was added in Android 4.3. This feature prevented apps from collecting sensitive information from the device, a function that many users were putting much hope into. Not long after the … [Read more...]

Turn uploaded photo spheres into interactive maps with Street View


We are of course talking about Google maps and its latest feature that allows you to create your own street view using a photo sphere. Uploading and sharing photo spheres has been possible for quite a while now, but it wasn't until yesterday that spheres could be used to create street views.You … [Read more...]

Hisense H6 smart TV & Pulse PRO set-top box launched


We talked about Android TV quite a lot these last couple of weeks, and we see no reason to stop just now. As traditional TV's are quickly being replaced by 'smart' devices, we cannot help but wonder how long until all standard TV sets go extinct. It might be a bit premature to talk about the demise … [Read more...]

Samsung might update entry-level devices to Android 4.4


According to leaked information, Samsung is seriously considering an update to Android 4.4 for Galaxy Note 2, Note 3, Galaxy S3, and Galaxy s4. These updates however, were expected by the community considering the nature of these devices. The surprising news is that Samsung is currently deciding … [Read more...]