Only a handful of Apple I computers exist

Steve Wozniak was giving it away free. The Apple co-founder tweaked and soldered computer circuit boards in the mid-1970s from his cubicle at Hewlett-Packard and an apartment in Cupertino, California. He shared the design freely, showering enthusiasts in Silicon Valley’s Homebrew Computer Club with gratis innovation. The members were wowed by the intricacy and beauty

Lenovo bets big on personal computers

Lenovo chooses its battles wisely and the strategy has been working well. In the Philippines, Lenovo has taken its fight to the personal computer arena. Five years ago, Lenovo decided to lie low in the Philippine mobile phone business, not that it didn’t have a strong lineup of mobile phone offerings, as its Motorola phones

Quantum computer simulates 2 bizarre materials

Scientists have used a quantum computer to conduct large-scale simulations of two types of quantum materials. These studies involved about 2,000 quantum bits, or qubits — many more than the tens of qubits available in most quantum computers. The results, published in two recent studies in Science and Nature, provide a new realization of the vision of physicist

Computers & Software

SPIDA Software, the first Structure Management System for utilities, introduces SPIDAstudio, a next generation cloud-based platform that bundles together SPIDA’s powerful pole analysis capabilities, central storage of SPIDAcalc designs, and SPIDAmin Asset Management software.   From one pole to a utility’s entire overhead system, SPIDAstudio provides the horsepower needed to quickly analyze overhead infrastructure models

Harris sells Anyware Corporation to Leader Computers

Harris Technology will sell its wholesale and distribution business Anyware Corporation to Leader Computers in a transaction expected to be completed by 3 October. Anyware Corporation is a subsidiary which operates its business to business IT accessories wholesale and distribution in Australia, with warehouses in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. Publicly-listed Harris technology told shareholders