Text-to-Speech app available on Google Play Store

google text-to-speach app

Google has just released Text-to-Speech as an independent app, which is bound to help them with any potential updates to the engine at some point. Those of you who are familiar with the engine will be pleased to know that it no longer comes as a function for Google's accessibility features, but as a … [Read more...]

Stormfly – The app that changes your wallpaper according to the weather


Stormfly features HD wallpapers that change based on the weather. We cannot give you a more blunt definition than this. Spiderfly Studios, the app's creators, have had their success in the past with apps such as Glowfly, an app that sends holo friendly SMS notifications for a variety of functions. … [Read more...]

SMS integration for Google+ Hangouts


When Google introduced its real-time messaging service 'Hangouts' earlier this year, it did so in the hope that it will strengthen its social platform even further. It now appears that Google+ users will have even more to be excited about, as Google will soon launch a system that allows them to send … [Read more...]

BlackBerry Messenger just days away from coming to Android

blackberry messenger for android

In case you were unaware, the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) saga has been going on for quite a while now. The only thing different this time, is the fact that it will apparently be available through Android starting from 21 of September. Ever since its inception, BBM has been expanding rapidly across … [Read more...]

Bump bought by Google, might use it to pump-up Android Beam


For those of you who weren't paying attention at the time, Bump hit the market a few years ago, and it introduced some interesting ways to transfer files between 2 devices just by 'bumping' each other. At the time, many voices were already claiming that this unique form of transferring files among … [Read more...]

Firefox for Android gets a facelift

mozilla firefox

Some users have been complaining in the past about Firefox's interface, and how it could use some improvements. It appears that their prayers have been answered earlier today, when Mozilla announced new improvements to Firefox's interface, a new interface that will apparently have more options … [Read more...]

Turn your Android devices into a functional sound system


A world where synchronizing multiple handheld devices can be used to create a surround sound system, is a world where everything is inherently right. We are, however, a long way from there. Not because the technology doesn't exist, but because this isn't something that most developers don't really … [Read more...]

Aviate Launcher: The app that makes your home screen come alive


For those who haven't yet heard of it, Aviate Launcher is a home screen replacement app that makes every feature of your phone easier to access. Designed to look extremely similar to a pack of cards, the app is customizable for the most part, which allows you to figure out what goes where and set up … [Read more...]