Apple launch a Mac mini and a MacBook

Before the end of the year, Apple will make two of its most anticipated renewals: Mac Mini will receive professional hardware and an “affordable” MacBook with “Retina” screen Recently, we’ve seen Apple partially renew its line of laptops. The expected update of the MacBook Pro, has left out the cheapest model, which does not have

Phones as PCs: Is this just a user interface problem?

Until recently, the concept of a “desktop PC phone” would have been laughable. Even now, in the era of phone-PC crossovers like Samsung Dex and Huawei’s PC mode (Easy Projection), the idea still seems slightly unbelievable. It’s sobering — at least for we (*ahem*) older watchers tech industry enthusiasts — that modern smartphones or tablets pack about

Your next TV will be in 8k

In 2017, only 35% of the televisions sold in Spain could play content in 4k quality. Most of these devices were large and, consequently, had a high price. The cost, in any case, is not the main obstacle to the popularization of TVs in 4k, because the big problem is the absence of content that

Only a handful of Apple I computers exist

Steve Wozniak was giving it away free. The Apple co-founder tweaked and soldered computer circuit boards in the mid-1970s from his cubicle at Hewlett-Packard and an apartment in Cupertino, California. He shared the design freely, showering enthusiasts in Silicon Valley’s Homebrew Computer Club with gratis innovation. The members were wowed by the intricacy and beauty

IFA 2018: Too bad the US won’t see most of them

  High-end smartphones at a fraction of the cost of Apple’s $999 iPhone X or Samsung’s $1,000 Note 9. A phone aimed at mobile gamers. A colorful device with a physical keyboard. These are the phones that emerged at consumer electronics show IFA, typically known for appliances, televisions and other gadgets. This year, though, a handful of handset makers

How to take advantage of 10Gb connectivity?

quickly and reliably. In this sense, Ethernet networks with 10GbE connectivity are increasingly common as a replacement for the 1 or 5 GbE, the most common in corporate environments so far. With them comes more performance, capacity and efficiency. With the inclusion of 10 GbE connectivity, it is necessary to have new hardware that takes