AllCast beta now available via Google Play

allcast beta

For those of you who are unaware, AllCast allows you to stream local content from any Android device to a TV, Xbox or Apple TV. AllCast streams this content via Wi-Fi from pretty much any Android smartphone or tablet, and it does so pretty efficiently.

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According to its developers, AllCast works with Apple TV, Roku, Xbox one, Xbox 360, Samsung Smart TV’s, and pretty much any device that uses DLNA. The way this device works kind of reminds us of Chromecast, and for good reasons as well. As a matter of fact, there was even a Chromecast compatibility for AllCast at one point, but it was based on Google Chromecast’s SDK, which is why it no longer works with it.

If you’re interested in AllCast, head over to and join the community. You will also be presented with the option to become a beta tester for the app once you get there, so if you’re interested in the proper development of this interesting app, why not give the developers a hand?